Our Mission

Our goal is to make dreams come true for young adults with special talents. We strive to address the critical shortage of employment opportunities for young adults with special needs by providing jobs with personalized training. With an estimated 66,000 adults with special needs currently living in Mecklenburg County and a national employment rate of 18.7% in 2017, ZABS Place seeks to shift the paradigm by assessing the abilities and skills of individuals and customizing training to harness their special talents.

Our Vision

We envision a community where young adults with special needs can transition from high school to the adult working world with dignity. With the launch of ZABS Place, we see the Charlotte community more able to recognize abilities in others and see past external differences. We foresee special young adults able to capitalize on their strengths, acquire essential job skills, realize their potential, and gain confidence in interacting with their typically developing peers.

How We Got Started

As directors of Friendship Circle, an organization supporting children with special needs, Bentzion and Rochel Groner realized that employment opportunities for young adults with special needs were severely limited following graduation from high school. The Groners had been exploring potential solutions when they were approached by Charlie and Caren Gale, who had become frustrated in their effort to find employment for their 18-year-old son on the Autism Spectrum. After extensive research and much joint effort ZABS Place opened in 2014.

Our Name

ZABS is the acronym of the Hebrew name of a young man named Zachary. A happy, athletic, positive, take-over-the-world (in a good way) teen. He was awesome to be around. His friends and family loved him. His teachers raved about him. He was passionate about helping others, especially children and teens with special needs. That’s how he got involved in Friendship Circle. When Zachary was 18, he was diagnosed with a horrific form of Leukemia. He fought a ferocious battle and bravely faced the challenges and suffering no 18 year old should know. Ever! Zachary went into a remission for a short while but unfortunately the dreaded disease came back, and Zachary was taken from us at the young age of 19. ZABS Place reminds us of Zecharya Avraham Boruch Shporer and the incredible example he lived and taught.

Our Programs

ZABS Training Program

It’s hard to get a job with no experience. It’s even harder to get experience with no job. That’s why we’re here. We offer Job Skills Training, based on the interests and abilities of each of our Specially Talented trainees.

ZABS After Hours

We believe that work should be FUN. But, so should hanging out together! That’s why we offer After-Hours events for our ZABS Talent to enjoy socializing, spending time, and sharing laughs together, just like their peers!


We’re AMAZED by the abilities of our Special Talent. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping local Special Talent perfect their skills and create a sellable product, right in our store! We support Special Micro-businesses.

Upcycling University

A craft-based program, of inclusive classes, building community with individuals who have special needs talents while teaching skills to offer financial independence.

Our Talent


Talent Accelerator

There’s no standing still when you’re with Alison. There’s always opportunity for growth and so many new things to try! Alison helps our ZABS Special Talent grow and reach new milestones. Simply put, Alison ensures that everyone has a chance to reach their true potential and fulfill their dreams. Fun Fact: Alison is behind our famous (we think) “Monday Morning Inspiration” quotes you see on the ZABS sign.



Caren is a true Mamma Bear! She won’t rest until all her little cubs are well cared for, and then some. Caren became a special needs advocate while she was still teaching the second grade. She realized that will a little encouragement and support, anyone and everyone can succeed. Today, Caren is the Chief Advocate and Community Liaison for ZABS Place. Fun Fact: Caren is hands-down the best story-teller you’ll ever meet and her cub son Jonathan was the first employee at ZABS Place!


Talent Support

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Yep, that’s Kim in a “Meet & Greet” with another young adult who would like to join the training program at ZABS Place. Kim’s job is to somehow balance the young adults on the ZABS waiting list, and find out all about their dreams and how to make them happen, while also being a rockstar Job Coach for the ZABS Talent already in our program! You’ll never catch her without a smile! Fun Fact: Kim is the founder of A Chance to Dance which provides dance lessons to differently-abled children!


Snow Globe Shaker

Snow globes are beautiful… until the glitter settles. Then they’re kinda boring. Lisa makes sure to shake things up just enough so the glitter swirls again! She’s all about opportunity and making magic happen at ZABS Place. She’s also the one who helps you find that special something when you happen to stumble in “just to look around.” Fun Fact: Lisa has Super Talents! She’s been Director of a Preschool, Head of a Retail Store, and even Director of a Children’s Museum! Inspirational Fact: ZABS Place is named after Lisa’s son Zachary who passed away from Leukemia when he was 19.



Worker-bee. Workaholic. Workhorse. Call it what you want, but this girl is ALWAYS working. Pricing clothes, ringing up a customer, fixing furniture, upcycling a “curb-find”, are all things Rochel does on the side. Her main job of course is being the Director of ZABS Place! Fun Fact: Rochel is sometimes called the “Girl on the Plane” thanks to an interesting experience she had on (you guessed it) an airplane back in the summer of 2017.


Product Queen

Meet Stacy. Trust us, you’ll want to meet her. She can organize a house, car, office and even the dreading spare room with the hoards of stuff all before you can say, “Waaaait!!!” Seriously, Stacy is the ZABS Product Queen. Everything donated to ZABS is carefully examined by Stacy and her team to determine its true potential and then displayed to maximize its opportunity for finding the perfect new home. Fun Fact: Stacy moves 1 TON of ZABS Stealz/day

ZABS Innovation Team

Robert Abel

Sam Bernstein

Caren Gale (Co-Chair)

Charlie Gale(Co-Chair)

Dayle Glick

Jon Massachi

Richard Osborne

Joel Ostrow

Arthur Oudmayer

Edwin Rusgo

Lisa Shporer

Louis Sinkoe

Our Shop

Looking to add some awesome to your closet and home? Want to donate? Interested in meeting the staff? Come visit us. 100 North Trade Street Matthews, NC 28105