Looking For Work Experience?

We know it’s hard to get a job with no experience. It’s even harder to get experience with no job.

That’s why we’re here!

Think of us as a Trade School customized to your interests and talents. Not sure what you’re good at? That’s ok, we can help with that too!
By joining our Talent-in-Training program, you’re signing up for 32 hours, during a 4-month trimester, of individualized training focused on helping you reach your goal of independent employment. Your experience will be as unique as you are!

Sound too good to be true? We have the success stories to prove it.  

Our Process

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Meet with a ZABS Coach

Join our Training Program

Program Orientation

Customized Training


Job Placement

Who Hired A ZABS Grad?

Maid Brigade Charlotte
Good Cup Coffee
Bumper Plugs
NASCAR Hall of Fame
Clog Busterz Plumbing
Harris Teeter
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Burlington Coat Factory
Calvin's Craft Dog Treats
Bitty & Beau's Coffee