Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to volunteer right here in Matthews, NC?

Part of what makes ZABS Place so special is that it’s a great example of the magic that happens when a community comes together to fill a need. If not for an incredible team of people who volunteered their time and talents to help us open in 2014… we wouldn’t be here in beautiful Downtown Matthews!

It’s no secret that we’re very passionate about recognizing that everyone has unique talents and interests. That’s why we’re excited to share many different ways that people can volunteer at ZABS Place and share their time and talents in a meaningful way. When you volunteer in Matthews at ZABS Place, you not only help us continue to support many local young adults with special talents, you also become an important partner as we model the success of an inclusive workplace and help build a more inclusive community!

Please take a look at the opportunities and complete the form below. We will be in touch to discuss details and next steps.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering and willingness to get involved!

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