ZABSpreneur Microgrant Application

Through a generous grant by the Reemprise Fund we are now offering ZABSpreneur Microgrants to help new and existing ZABSpreneurs grow their micro-business. This Microgrant can be used for anything related to your business idea or the product you make. Example: You could buy business cards or supplies to create your product(s) or props to display and photograph your creation, etc.

ZABSpreneur Microgrants of up to $500 are available to any person with intellectual or developmental differences who has a new or growing business.

Requirements for a ZABSpreneur Microgrant application:

  • Applicants must be 16 years or older with an intellectual or developmental difference.
  • The business (idea) must be a new or growing business that has not earned more than $2,000 in sales.
  • The business idea/product MUST be inspired and made by the applicant (you). (We encourage parents, family members, and staff to be active support people. However, we do not accept business ideas that are driven by a parent or support person.)
  • Business ideas and products cannot be: Part of another business (a multi-level or pyramid model, a franchise, etc.); Connected with a religious or non-profit organization; Made with alcohol, tobacco, cannabis or marijuana; Involved in political campaigns or lobbying.
  • Business ideas and products must follow all legal requirements including, but not limited to, copyright, safety measures, health guidelines, etc.) Example: You can’t make a product that uses someone else’s artwork without their permission. You need to make sure your ingredients and supplies are considered safe to use.
  • Funds must be used for supplies, equipment, training, marketing, or anything else appropriately needed to start or expand a business.

Please read complete Microgrant Requirements before filling out the form.

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